Beauty in the sticky messes of life…


Beauty in the sticky messes of life

I’m not sure what it is exactly that gets my mind going a million miles an hour while I’m walking Bella, but if you catch me talking into my phone and recording things next time it’s because there is so much that comes to mind and I don’t want to forget it! Two things in particular this morning really hit me. I see all of the flags starting to go up around town, in peoples yards, on FB profile pics…It seems like so long ago but I wonder how many people on this day in 2001 appreciated everything that came their way. None of us are promised tomorrow…did those victims know that?Did they live in a way that showed that? What about the families left behind…did they make the most of the last day they had with their loved ones? Did they set the craziness of life aside for a few quality moments with their child? Were they intentional to tell their husband they loved them before they fell asleep that night? Continue reading “Beauty in the sticky messes of life…”

Bloom where you’re planted…even if it is New Jersey??

WOFpicI’m sitting in my favorite place this morning trying to recap my weekend. I don’t even know where to begin with how amazing the Lord was, and how He met my needs when I was feeling especially low this past week. Kevin and I have been in a weird place recently. We know that God is doing something in our lives. He is changing us from the inside out; our desires, our dreams, our passions… we have seen that living a life for the Lord- regardless of what risks it involves, is worth so much more than we could ever imagine. I’m trying to process all that I took away from the Women of Faith Conference, and it really boils down to something my precious Mom has claimed all of her life- “Bloom where you are planted”. For a long time I have thought that meant a location- a physical location. Like New Jersey for instance. Continue reading “Bloom where you’re planted…even if it is New Jersey??”


I think those were my exact feelings… although my words were a little less abrasive that night.  You see I had been in the midst of preparing for my very first mission trip. We were headed to South Africa to work with some counselors of a children’s camp, to support and encourage them, to give them a much needed break.  Over the past few months we had met as a team and were preparing through prayer and time together to go on this trip, when out of the blue there was a huge shift in plans. Due to an unforeseen issue our trip was being cancelled. I just had to assume that there was a reason God was not allowing this. Maybe it was a safety issue, maybe there was a reason I needed to be home with my husband and girls at that time.  In a tiny way I was relieved because I was going to be missing my youngest daughters 7th birthday.  Maybe it just wasn’t my time. Continue reading “#SayWhat”


#Say Yes

#Say Yes Saying yes to God… what does that mean? For me it means finally getting a blog up and running. This is something that has been twirling around in my mind for a long time. I’ve just returned from the She Speaks conference ( #Proverbs 31 ) and truly felt that it was time to put this dream into action and get started. My husband asked what I wanted to do this for, what was I going to write about? I don’t know the exact answers to that but I do know that every time I step out in faith and do or share something that is on my heart that I am blessed for it, whether in my own life or watching something great happen in another persons life. So….I don’t have an exact structure or theme that I’m going to be following. What I will do is share what God puts on my heart and pray that maybe in some small way it will bless whoever reads it. Maybe give them comfort to know they are not alone, or give them courage to try something new. To step out in faith and know that if God brings you to something, He will bring you through it. My journey of saying yes started nearly 9 years ago in a bible study in my home church. Continue reading “#SayYes”