Bloom where you’re planted…even if it is New Jersey??

WOFpicI’m sitting in my favorite place this morning trying to recap my weekend. I don’t even know where to begin with how amazing the Lord was, and how He met my needs when I was feeling especially low this past week. Kevin and I have been in a weird place recently. We know that God is doing something in our lives. He is changing us from the inside out; our desires, our dreams, our passions… we have seen that living a life for the Lord- regardless of what risks it involves, is worth so much more than we could ever imagine. I’m trying to process all that I took away from the Women of Faith Conference, and it really boils down to something my precious Mom has claimed all of her life- “Bloom where you are planted”. For a long time I have thought that meant a location- a physical location. Like New Jersey for instance. As Kev says, you can still probably see my nail marks all the way up 95…this was NOT the move I wanted to make. Who wants to live in New Jersey??? (sorry all my Jersey girlfriends- I’m slowly adapting!;)
But God. But God….maybe He wants me to live here. My husband was recently asked where would you consider it risky to serve. His answer was simple- a place like Iraq or Africa- somewhere where you are out of your comfort zone, somewhere dangerous, somewhere that is full of people who don’t believe in Jesus like we do. You know what my answer was? Without hesitation… right here. I’ve done the Iraq thing…I’ve been placed way outside of my comfort zone. What scares me more is staying put. But maybe it’s not a location- maybe God wants me to bloom where I am planted in my daily activities? I have dreams, I have these amazing ideas of how God could use me…my biggest dream has been to work with Proverbs 31 Ministries for a long time. Of course then Satan chimes in and says- you? HA!!, what could you do for them? You don’t have a “real” job…you’re a stay at home mom, you only have an Associates degree…you haven’t worked out of the house in 16 years. But God. But God….He so gently reminded me this weekend to start with what I have. He placed me here in this state for a reason. I’ve had so much pain and suffering when it comes to a past that includes eating disorders, and feelings of zero self worth. I have been able to come out of the rock I hid under for so long and share my heart with other women who are hurting. Who feel ashamed and unworthy. We all have a story- God uses each hurt, no tears are wasted. I see what He has blessed me with- just in the past 2 years…He has been grooming me to do just what I am doing today. He has put people in my path, He has given me strong feelings and desires- the strength to take that dream of starting a Health & Wellness ministry here at my home church…to share how God can bring beauty from ashes…to encourage women and remind them that they don’t have to listen to the enemies lies. God doesn’t make mistakes- He allows every circumstance to mold and to shape us and help us become who He desires for us to be. I heard so many things this weekend from amazing speakers…I think one of the things that hit me the most is from a conversation I had with Lysa TerKeurst on Friday. She was sharing the battles they (Proverbs 31) are facing in a parking lot expansion project for their office. She said so many people say I want to do what you do…but do they really? As I’ve heard her say so often- “I just want to teach people about Jesus!” We don’t know all the baggage and hardship that comes with a position like she holds. Christine Caine shared the same thing this summer at She Speaks- people say how exciting her life is and how they wish they could do the same thing…really? Have you heard her story? Do you know why she is the way she is today? How she can share what she does? God has something for each of us and we waste so much time wishing we could be like someone else- have what they have, look like they look, share the gospel like they do! But God….But God- He has other plans for me. I need to start right here, right now, right where I am . How can I possibly be more I if I can’t do the best I can with what I have been given right here, right now. Luke 16:10 says “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones” (NLT). What did I learn this weekend? Start small. Start right where you are- bloom where you are planted. My sweet new friend Danya reminded me yesterday that although David was anointed, he went right back and tended his sheep until the time that the Lord appointed him for bigger things. That is what I am doing this morning. I want to be the best I can be at what I have right now. As a text I received this morning said- “In the end, don’t leave anything on the faithful with the life you have been given” (LiveOnPurpose). To my “Faithfully Fit” girls….I can’t wait to start up again on October 2nd… I will be giving you my all. I may not do it right, or be the best at it- but I will look to God for guidance and share everything that He shares with me.  I will be getting up and dusting myself off…taking the next best step, making the next best choice. Even if it is right here in New Jersey. As a matter a fact, maybe I’ll make some plans to “Go down the shore” soon;)
“For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future”…Jeremiah 29:11. #FaithfullyFitatFAC #LysaTerKeurst #Proverbs31 #WomenofFaith #SheSpeaks #MadetoCrave #ChristineCaine #BloomingwhereImplanted

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