Broken to be Healed

With a significant surgery happening in the next week, my brain has been in overdrive.

My oldest daughter is having an operation on Wednesday to repair a long standing problem with her hip. She has gone for the past 5 years with an incorrect diagnosis, which we’ve only just recently become aware of. Thankfully, by Gods grace, we were put in touch with a specialist who was able to correctly diagnose the problem and will hopefully be able to repair it. Phil413

It’s not an easy surgery.

The doctor will have to have to cut her femur directly below the hip socket, and then rotate the leg out 25 degrees.  If all goes well, this slight turn in direction will allow the leg to move back and forth freely without hitting the hip bone. It’s a crazy thought to me, to have to break something in order to fix it. Hayley has dealt with this issue for so long that it’s just become a part of her every day life. Now they will have to break, repair, allow time to heal, and then teach her to walk correctly again through physical therapy.

All of this caused me to think about how easily sin becomes a part of our lives. It can quietly sneak up on us, and the longer we are entangled in it, the more difficult it becomes to break away from it. Sometimes, depending on the sin, we may have to completely cut ties and start over from scratch. It may mean not spending time with specific group of people, not buying certain foods, not looking at that website- whatever it is, there is not always an easy fix, and sometimes we have to be broken to be healed.

Is there something in your life that you know you should not be doing, but it is absolutely overwhelming to think of having to change it? Would it be of comfort to know that there is someone who cares enough to help you through it? To give you the strength when yours is no longer enough?

I can guarantee that whatever “benefit” of the sin you are dealing with, is no match for the promise of Jesus and the abundant life He wants to give you. Give it to the Lord, and watch how He will transform you. You may have to give it again, and again, and again, but eventually- with His help, we can overcome these struggles. It may mean learning a new way of doing things- as my daughter will have to learn to walk a new way- but the result will be worth it.







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